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Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Deceptive Solo Adventure

One problem with reviewing products at DriveThruRPG/RPG Now sites is that creators' feelings get hurt, they gnash their teeth and rage, and one is courteously requested to never review anything of that rule system again. At least not on DTRpgNow.

But this is my own site, and I think I'll review that which I wish to review, and type about what I want to type about.

Right now, I want to talk about Deception: Strangebrew's Chambers of the Unknown by Mark Thornton. Mark is competing for the coveted Longest Title award in any category he can manage. The solo is even longer.

For yes, this is a solo adventure - AND it's a great Gamesmaster adventure also, with added fiddly bits for the GM. It's TWO great games in one, and just look at that shine! (Apologies to Shimmer.) Using the Tunnels & Trolls system, Deception invites you to rid the general area of an alchemist/wizard/EEEEEvil dude (maybe) who is just about to revenge himself upon the community and take over a whole lot of the world.

And there's hardly any way to prepare for this mission, because Strangebrew (That's his name. Don't
blame me!) already grabbed most of the things you need and has them guarded and/or hidden and trapped
within his stronghold.

IF you can find all these things and IF you survive and IF you can figure out how to use them correctly, you MIGHT survive and MIGHT find this isn't the end of things. The adventure continues - which may be good or bad. Literally.

Because temptation is very real in this adventure.

You have several choices, and it's not a clear good vs evil type choice. The Deception is that there may be advantages for everyone ... IF----

Well, it's not black and white..

Mark outdid himself here. It's huge (and needs a POD option, so you won't use three ink cartridges) and
replayable in so many different ways. And then it can become a GM adventure for your players - which you can run as if you never played the solo - or which you can run as if the solo adventure happened and the players' characters are now dealing with the aftermath.

This is good solid adventure with meat on its bones. Plenty of opportunity for the gamesmaster to "make it his/her own" yet plenty of information if you don't want to do a lot of work.

I want more. Because this definitely calls for sequels, and I can't count on someone to gamesmaster it for me. If you are such a gamesmaster, report for duty right now! But first play Deception. It's the most fun a gamer can have.
Deception is only $5.99 at DTRpgNow

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