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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Asgard & Vikings & Castles & Crusades

Codex Nordica is one of the more meticulously researched books on the Scandinavian lands and legends, not just game-related. There's so much rich material here. Here is the ore from which Kirby and Lee mined and alloyed so successfully and has been put on the screen. No, this isn't the Marvel version of the legends - this is the stuff from which they made their own version, their own adventures.

Now, players and gamesmasters have even more data than Lee & Kirby had, with which to build their/our own adventures, our own cosmic odysseys. We'd have given our eyeteeth for this book in 1978!

How could the book be improved? Color. More pages. Maybe hardback printing. In other words, more of what it already is.

And it's just plain fun to read. Kudos to everyone involved!

*jeep! and God Bless! (Thank you, Red!)
----Grandpa Tzhett

Codex Nordica is available in either PDF or softbound hard copy from Troll Lord Games, publishers of Castles & Crusades, at their site
Of course, the PDF is also available from as well. But you knew that.